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Remote Control Crocodile Animatronic

What’s the remote control crocodile animatronic?

I’m sorry to say you are wrong if your answer is the remote controlled toys.

Remote control crocodile we mentioned is a life-size crocodile replica. It is made with animatronic technology which is widely applied for making realistic animal models.

crocodile animatronic

remote control animatronic crocodile

With the mechanical and electric system it can make motions and voices.

But, unlike normal animatronic models, the remote control crocodile doesn’t use cables to supply electricity.

animatronic alligator

Normal animatronic crocodile, you can see the cable

Instead, it is battery-powered.

The wireless electric system has a big advantage for making animatronics—more realistic, even child will know it is fake when they see the electric cable which is connected with animatronic models.

crocodile animatronic

However, even the adults can not find out the remote control crocodile is not a real one. Especially, when they suddenly appear at the corner.

Therefore, the remote control crocodile is a cool equipment for amusement park or haunted house.

crocodile animatronic

A animatronic crocodile we made for the theme park

As its name shows us, it is remote controlled, people can operate it with a small remote controller. So, it can also be used for street prank. You can control it to catch up those frightened people. Uh, don’t tell anyone it’s me teach you to do that, lol.

You might ask how did the animatronic crocodile walks?

Although you can see limbs of the crocodile are moving, the answer is wheels. Wheels are so close to the body that people can rarely notice it when they see it the first time.

crocodile animatronic

You can see the wheels when it raises its head

As the driving force, wheels are more efficient and flexible than limbs of the animatronic model.

We also make other attractive customized animatronic robots like the crocodile animatronic. Please feel free to contact us if you want make your own animatronics.

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