Maiasaura dinosaur statue in the theme park

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Maiasaura dinosaur statue in the theme park

There is a  dinosaur statue in the park. Do you know what kind of dinosaur is this?

animatronic Maiasaura

The answer is Maiasaura, a large herbivorous hadrosaurid dinosaur.

You can see there are dinosaur eggs in the nest. Almost all the Maiasaura statues are made with a nest of dinosaur eggs nearby. That’s because paleontologist firstly found the Maiasaura fossil nearby its eggs fossils.

Maiasaura statue

After researches of the fossils, scientists found the Maiasaura is good mothers, they will look their babies carefully. It proves the theory about dinosaur are cold bloody parents was wrong. Therefore, they got the name—Maiasaura means “good mother” in Latin.

The dinosaur statue you see is an animatronic Maiasaura we made for the dinosaur theme park.

Maiasaura dinosaur statue

Maiasaura dinosaur statue in the workshop

Unlike the fiberglass statues, our animatronic Maiasaura is dynamic with motions of eyes, limbs, tail, head, etc. Motions make the Maiasaura more realistic.

We provide all kind of customized  large dinosaur model. Please feel free to contact us for what you want.

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