How to make realistic animal fur?

It’s amazing how vivid the animatronic animal is. We can’t help to think about how did makers make such realistic fur while we watch the animatronic animal’s appearance.

What material is it made of? I was extremely curious. Looks like they are going to move in the next moment, especially some furry animatronic animals.

polar bear model

How to make animatronic animal fur? Do you want to know?

animatronic polar bear model

Animatronic animals with fur are usually constructed of steel, shaped like animals with high-density sponge plastic, and then bonded with artificial carefully.

Therefore, it is very important to select the material for making realistic animal fur. Different types of artificial fur have different lengths and various colors, which can be selected according to animal physical images or restoration images.

After choosing the fur material, the artificial fur is glued to the sponge a little. In order to manufacture animals to a realistic effect, the sticking process needs to be very careful.

animatronic polar bear

When work is sticking fur for fur-bearing animatronic animals, they can’t stick to a large area. Some need a small piece of sticking, some need sticking one by one, and the whole process needs to be very careful.

After the production of fur-bearing animatronic animals, the shape is vivid and natural with realistic fur, it is very lifelike.

Fur-bearing animatronic animals are special products made by us. We customize various animatronic animals for shopping malls, squares, scenic spots, theme parks, amusement parks and other places using as decorations, ornaments, and exhibits.

animatronic saber-toothed tiger in the museum

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