Dinosaur Skeleton

What’s The Dinosaur Skeleton?

Dinosaur Skeleton made by us is a full-size artificial replica of real dinosaur fossil. They are widely used as exhibits of prehistoric museum, dinosaur park, science museum or personal collection…


Something you may not know about dinosaur skeleton

People usually thought the dinosaur skeletons exhibit in museum is real dinosaur fossil. In fact, it is always wrong. That’s because it is very difficult for a dinosaur bone turning to fossils.  The dinosaur fossils found by researchers are always incomplete and too fragile to display. So, when paleontologists found a dinosaur fossil they just model it with resin material. And then find some replica maker, for example us, to make a realistic dinosaur skeleton to display in museum. All the dinosaur skeleton we made is strictly refer to real-life scientific discover and professional advice form paleontologist. The dinosaur skeleton we made is realistic and high quality. Some dinosaur fossil replica are highly praised by some national museum.

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Skeleton Of Famous Dinosaurs

We have made  a variety of  famous dinosaur skeleton, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, Spinosaurus skeleton, Triceratops skeleton, Stegosaurus skeleton, Vecloriraptor skeleton

Dinosaur Skeleton Production

Draft of Mamenchisaurus Skeleton

Draft of Mamenchisaurus Skeleton

After we accept the order from clients, we will make a draft of the dinosaur skeleton. Its main function is helping to build and install the dinosaur skeleton. Because the dinosaur skeleton is consist of a lot of big and small bones. We need to mark the size and installing the order of them.

A worker is using mold make a bone replica

A worker is using mold make a bone replica

Our dinosaur skeleton is Molding according to real dinosaur fossils. Paleontologists usually make a resin mold of dinosaur fossils when they found it. Then, a dinosaur skeleton maker like us will use the mold to make fossils replica. Sometimes we have to rebuild the dinosaur skeleton by use related species dinosaur because the discovery of many species dinosaur fossils is incomplete.

Steel frame for dinosaur skeleton

Steel frame for dinosaur skeleton

The steel frame is made according to the design. It should be welded according to the posture of dinosaur skeletons in the draft. And we will drill holes on the frame. That’s where we will install the bones.  Steel frame supports the bones so they won’t fall to pieces.

Workers are installing the dinosaur skeleton

Workers are installing the dinosaur skeleton

We will uninstall the dinosaur skeleton before transportation. Therefore, it need to be installed again when clients use it. The installment can be done by our worker, and clients can also install it with the guide and mark we provide.

A dinosaur skeleton display in a hotel

A dinosaur skeleton display in a hotel

This dinosaur skeleton is displayed in an upscale hotel. For some cultural reason, dinosaur skeletons are popular high-end decorations.

Business Idea Of Dinosaur Skeleton

We know, the most important thing you care is how can our dinosaur skeleton help you make profits. Here are some business idea for you.


Of course, dinosaur skeleton is a necessary exhibit in museum, especially in prehistoric museums and nature museums.


A hadrosaurs skeleton display in Oxford Museum

Theme Park

Dinosaur theme park attract a lot of tourists, they will be disappointed if they can’t even find a iconic dinosaur skeleton there.

Shopping Mall

Somehow, dinosaur skeleton are related to luxuries and high-end service. Even Louis Vuitton use a dinosaur skeleton decorating their showcase in some store.


Monoclonius skeleton display in shopping mall

Upscale Hotel

Dinosaur skeleton is also a high-end decoration for upscale hotel. It is high ornamental ,more important, much cheaper than famous painting.
A dinosaur skeleton display in a hotel

A dinosaur skeleton display in a hotel

A Brachiosaurus Skeleton display in hotel

Dinosaur Skeleton for Dig

It is a popular amusement event for kids. They will be full of enthusiasm to dig our realistic dinosaur fossils from sand.


Kids are fervently digging the dinosaur skeleton

Personal Collection

Small and middle size dinosaur skeleton are good decoration for home. Some real lover of dinosaur and rich people will pay for it.

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