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Realistic Animatronic Animals For Sale

Animatronic animals are life-size artificial animal models made according to a variety of animals.

Those realistic animal replicas are widely used as exhibits in national museums.

As a professional animatronics manufacturer, we made hundreds kind of animatronic animals for our clients. They are highly praised by our clients. Today, let’s take a look at some of our realistic animal specimens.

1.Animatronic panda.

Animatronic Panda

Animatronic Panda

Panda is a very special mammal that belongs to bear family. It is easy to recognize by the large distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Although it is a kind of bear, but it’s vegetarian.

As a very rare animal, it can only be seen in few zoos and the wild of south-western China. So some of the museums use the animatronic panda as exhibit instead of the real one.

2.Animatronic saber-toothed tiger

saber-toothed tiger

Animatronic saber-toothed tiger

Saber-toothed tiger is a member of the cat family that lived in the ice age. It is well-known by its giant long tooth. As a extinct animal, we can not see the real saber-toothed tiger now. But, a realistic animatronic saber-toothed tiger is a good substitute. With the mechanical and electric system, it’s dynamic with motions of eyes, mouth, head, tail, etc.

3.Animatronic Polar bear

animatronic polar bear

Animatronic polar bear family

Polar bear is the top predator lived in Arctic Circle areas. Now, the existing of this kind of animal is seriously threatened by the climate changing. To avoid the extinction of them, national museums are struggling on helping people know more about them. Our animatronic polar bears are made for the national museums.

4.Animatronic Penguin

Animatronic Penguin

Animatronic penguin family

Why polar bear does not eat the penguin?

Because polar bear lives in Arctic circle areas while penguin lives in Antarctic Circle areas.

That’s a brain teaser question we were asked in childhood. In fact, penguin widely lives in the southern hemisphere, even the Galapagos islands that nearby the equator.

But, for people lives in the northern hemisphere, we can only see them in a few zoos. Some of the museum and theme parks purchase our realistic animatronic penguin as a substitute for displaying purpose.

5.Animatronic Elephant

Large elephant statue

Animatronic elephant

The elephant is the largest terrestrial animal and one of the smartest animals too. But their living also seriously threatened by illegal poaching. To let more people know the importance to protect them. Our animatronic elephants are displaying theme parks and museums.

We provide all kinds of customized animatronic animals and all of them are high quality. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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