How to make the Animatronic Dinosaur Skeleton Model Rented by the Exhibition?

Animatronic dinosaurs belong to resin crafts. Animatronic dinosaurs are suitable for theme amusement park, history museum, science and technology exhibition hall, children’s amusement park, animal and plant park, holiday village, shopping mall, business square, creative restaurant, various exhibitions, etc. they can be used for commercial service marketing promotion, enhance temperament and attract consumers.

dinosaur fossil

First, according to the decoration effect drawing of customer satisfaction, then the internal frame shear wall of the dinosaur model is constructed by using building steel bars and seamless steel pipes. In the configuration of relative motors and postures, it seems that it is already a frame solid model connected by steel bars mechanically.

dinosaur fossil

The next step is to use sponge to cut the rough control module of each part of dinosaur’s human body, stick it to the framework according to the building steel frame, and then cut out the dinosaur’s whole body muscles, body shape and key points of each position by hand with a knife and scissors, which is a dinosaur model of development process.

dinosaur skeleton

The third step is to solve the problem of leather making and rubber brushing and use silicone rubber and other technologies to produce and process the surface layer. Then a whole set of steps will come out, and an animatronic dinosaur model will go out.

Dinosaur Skeletons

The fourth step is to solve the problem of coloring and dinosaur covering. Color and cover the dinosaur skin several times to ensure that dinosaurs are not easy to destroy the surface.

Finally, after a set of detailed steps, this lifelike animatronic dinosaur model came out.

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