Everyone knows that the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the overlord in the Jurassic Period, is world-renowned for its large size and fierce temperament. They used to control the earth for hundreds of millions of years, but during the Jurassic period, a dinosaur was very small and did not lose in comprehensive killing ability Tyrannosaurus Rex, they are coelophysosaurus. Coelophysis is a standard bipedal walking animal. The hind legs are shaped like bird legs. The coelophysis dragon body is about 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters. The body is lightweight and the middle of the bones is hollow.

animatronic Coelophysalis you didn't know about in the Jurassic exhibition

animatronic Coelophysalis you didn’t know about in the Jurassic exhibition

Some are very similar to birds, so it is speculated that they may weigh only about 20 kg when they are alive. Coelophysosaurus survived in the Late Triassic and is a theropod dinosaur. Fossil cosmetosaurs were produced in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Coelophysis because of its strong hind legs, it is easy to walk, its forelimbs are short, with flexible hands to climb and grab food, the body is balanced with hips, its tail is thin and long, its neck is quite long, its cavity Bone dragon’s skull is long and narrow, with huge temporal holes and anterior eye sockets. The coelenterate teeth are buried deep in the alveolus, are sharp, and have serrations. Such dental features reveal the carnivorous instincts of coelophysis.