The Animatrnic Suit Of Mr. Wink Is Finished

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The Animatrnic Suit Of Mr. Wink Is Finished

A few days ago, we mentioned we are making a customized animatronic costume of Mr. Wink. (Mr. Wink is a important character in the film Hellboy2)



Now, it is finished.


Final product of the animatronic suit

This animatronic suit is made with high strength flexible material like sponge and silicone rubber.

custom animatronic costume (1)

Mr. Wink animatronic costume

We design it according to the body size of operators. And we also try our best to make it light enough in weight.

There are mechanical devices inside for controlling motions of the suit.

We believe the client will have a successful stage show with it.

Please feel free to contact us when you need any customized animatronic costume.

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