At present, a tallest and most complete dinosaur fossil in the world is stored in a museum. Although this huge skeletal fossil has survived two world wars, it has been successfully preserved. It is a brachiosaurus from the distant late Jurassic period. This museum is in Germany, but in the exhibition hall of the animatronic dinosaur net, there is also the world’s largest skeleton of a Mamenchisaurus. It has a length of 22 meters and a height. Reach 10 meters.

Brachiosaurus was a huge plant-eating dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Its name originally meant “armed lizard.” They live in groups and are willing to go out in one piece, living in grasslands and woods full of ferns, cycads, and equisetum, and they will shake the ground as they pass by.

Brachiosaurus is tall, 23.5 meters long, and weighs 40.4 tons. It has a very small head and a long neck. The nostrils grow on the top of the head. The teeth are straight and sharp, and the developed jaw is quiet. It is covered with 51 teeth. A huge, strong heart keeps pumping blood from Brachiosaurus’ neck into its cerebellum. Our researchers think it may have several hearts to pump blood through its massive body. Unlike other dinosaurs, meandering dragons have brachiosaurus’ forelimbs that are taller and much longer than their hind limbs, which can help them grow the weight of their necks. It has 5 toes on each foot and large claws on the inside of the front foot. With the shoulders raised, the entire body of the brachiosaurus tilted backwards along the shoulders, which is now seen on tall animals like the giraffe.

Brachiosaurus with huge forelimbs

Brachiosaurus with huge forelimbs

A major feature of reptiles is that they grow continuously throughout their lives. Therefore, all types of dragons are constantly eating and growing, and large dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus grow faster and eat more. Brachiosaurus needs to eat a lot of food to supplement its huge body growth and energy required for movement around. If an elephant can eat about 150 kilograms a day. The brachiosaurus can eat about 1501 kilograms per day, which is 10.00 times that of an elephant. The Jurassic period had a warm climate and lush plants, which provided convenient conditions for the growth of dinosaurs. They are likely to travel in droves every day, wandering the endless prairie, looking for fresh trees. Water is also very important for Brachiosaurus. Algae in the water, the jungle on the shore of the lake provides Brachiosaurus with abundant food, and at the same time partially compensates for the weakness of Brachiosaurus’ overweight and inconvenient mobility.

More importantly, they hold up a protective umbrella for the brachiosaurus. If the carnivorous dinosaurs came, the brachiosaurus quickly moved to deep water and soaked in the water. As long as the nostrils on the top of the head were exposed to the water to breathe, the carnivorous dinosaurs had to look at the water With a sigh, they went away. It seems that the Creator will give each creature a most special gift to help them protect themselves and grow up tough in a complex world. The animatronic meandering dragon model is currently our most animatronic dinosaur.