New Design Cute Dinosaur Hand Puppet

What’s the smallest dinosaur animatronics?

It should be the dinosaur hand puppet. Such a puppet is about 1 meter in length, 2–5kg in weight.

Therefore performers could operate it easily with one hand.

What’s the most important features to make a hand puppet?

I think it is to make the puppet lovely. Because, the hand puppet is applied to attract kids’ attention. It should be the appearance they like.


Kids are attracted by the lovely dinosaur puppet

So we made the dinosaur puppet with cute appearance.

There are a new Triceratops hand puppet and a T-rex hand puppet. Lovely aren’t they?

Triceratops hand puppet

Triceratops hand puppet

T-rex hand puppet

T-rex hand puppet

Video of the T-rex hand puppet

But, they are not just lovely but realistic. There is cable-pulled device inside the puppet. Operators put a hand into the puppet and pull the triggers while performing. The mechanical device will move its eyes and mouth.

dinosaur hand puppet

Operator put a hand into the puppet to pull the triggers

Video of those two Triceratops hand puppet:

Dinosaur hand puppet is widely used to interact with tourists. You might need one if you are plan to start a amusement business.