Animatronic Dinosaur Model Silica Gel Material and FRP Difference!

In some amusement parks, parks, and scenic spots, we can often see the existence of animatronic dinosaur models, which are generally made of silica gel materials, but some of them are made of fiberglass. What is the difference between the two materials? Animatronic dinosaur manufacturers for you to analyze!

  1. silicone material

Silica gel is also known as rubber material, which is the most common material of the animatronic dinosaur model. This material uses a sponge as the base and then spreads silica gel as the skin. This material is characterized by softness, elasticity and very real touch. And it can be equipped with a motor and a transmission structure inside to make an electric animatronic dinosaur model with action function.

animatronic t-re x dinosaur

Because the silica gel material can not be used for mold forming, after adding the motor control program, the cost is high, with an average of more than 2000 meters. But silica gel material has good elasticity and sealing, which can resist the sun and rain when placed outdoors, but it is easy to be torn by tourists, resulting in damage. (extended reading: how to repair the broken animatronic dinosaur model?)


2. FRP material

The glass fiber reinforced plastic animatronic dinosaur model is collectively called sculpture. This material is hard and can prevent certain human damage factors, and the modeling is more delicate than the silicone animatronic dinosaur model. The production process is to use clay modeling to make molds, and then to form them as a whole, so if there are more models of the same size, FRP can be used, which is more than 1000 meters.

animatronic t-re x dinosaur

The surface of FRP is hard, so it is not allowed to add a motor to make the dynamic effect. And long-term outdoor placement will not be easily damaged. But many years of sun and rain will lead to discoloration and cracking of FRP.

The above is the difference between the silicone material and fiberglass-reinforced plastic material of the animatronic dinosaur model. Each of the two materials has its own advantages. Users can choose the right material according to their own needs.

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