What is the animatronic dinosaur?

The animatronic dinosaur is a kind of artficial dinosaur made by using modern scientific and technological method, according to the computer restored pictures of dinosaur fossils found by paleontology archaeologists. The restored animatronic dinosaur is very lifelike in appearance, lifelike in shape and vivid in action.animatronic dinosaur

The animatronic dinosaur is made of steel to support the dinosaur body. The dinosaur body is fabricated by three-dimensional processing with high-density sponge and then sprayed with color. Finally, the control program is implanted, then a new animatronic dinosaur is leaving the factory.

animatronic dinosaur

Such dinosaurs are called robotic dinosaurs. They can move their mouths and bark in all parts of their bodies, and even interact with people.

Dinosaur’s shape and action can be customized according to customer’s needs. As a new mechanical dinosaur manufacturer in the industry, we also provide customized design services

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