Animatronic Dinosaur Production Process and Installation

Imitating dinosaurs is something everyone has seen or understood, so do friends know how to make them? So let’s share with you how the animatronic dinosaurs were made.animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex

With the improvement of living standards, many families will visit various scenic spots. In Xiaobian’s spare time, many friends will go out for a walk, and then share some fresh objects. Not long ago, Xiaobian’s friends went to a scenic spot to visit and saw some imitation dinosaurs. They felt very novel. They came back and shared with us. They said that they saw the imitation dinosaurs in a scenic spot and felt these. Dinosaurs, like living dinosaurs, have a cry, mouth open, head swing left and right, but also blink, the front paws will move, abdomen will breathe, tail will swing, also feel curious, to understand the animatronic of dinosaur production process. Now let’s share it with our friends.

High quality animatronic dinosaur

Highly detailed animatronic dinosaur

The process of making a animatronic dinosaur is as follows:

the first step is shape design, which depends on whether there is any special requirement. If there is no special requirement, it should be made according to this procedure.

The second step is to make the internal structure of the animatronic dinosaur by fitters. The site is welded to fix the dinosaur’s steel frame structure, and then the shape of the dinosaur is welded. For example, those parts of dinosaurs need action, and they need to be equipped with motor reducers to drive action. Finally, the construction team sprayed anti-rust paint on the animatronic dinosaur internal steel frame.

In the third step, the electrician wiring, connected the power wire to each motor of the dinosaur animatronic, and input the program of the dinosaur to move on the control box.

The fourth step is to wrap the sponge on the animatronic dinosaur steel structure.


Fifth step, art sculpture, on the sponge to the shape of dinosaurs, muscle cut out.

The sixth step: pasting hot dinosaur lines.

The seventh step, making fibers, brushing glue silk stockings on the dinosaur body.

The eighth step is to brush the gel and fibers on the outer surface of dinosaurs. After the gel and fibers are made, the silica gel is diluted and evenly brushed on the outer surface of dinosaurs. The number of brushes is three times.

The ninth step, coloring, with oil paints and transparent glue diluted, according to the design of the color on the animatronic of dinosaurs.

aniamtronic dinosaur for shipping (1)

The tenth step is to install teeth and eyes, and the eleventh step is to debug the dinosaurs by the electrical team.

aniamtronic dinosaur for shipping (1)

The last living dinosaur was made. There are many processes, there are more than a dozen processes, are manufactured by the master hands.

Finally, it is sent to the destination for installation.

aniamtronic dinosaur for shipping (1)

dinosaur installation