Interactive Dinosaur

What’s Interactive Dinosaurs

Interactive dinosaurs are not single product but a series of interesting dinosaur animatronics including —Walking dinosaurs, dinosaur rides, dinosaur band, laying eggs dinosaur, dinosaur hand puppet are some representatives.

triceratops animatronic ride

In amusement park, they give people a interactive experience with dinosaurs and bring them more fun. With interactive dinosaurs, audiences not only have a walking traveling in a dinosaur theme park, but also can ride on a animatronic triceratops and go around. Imagining parents buying a dinosaur egg toy from an laying egg animatronic Styracosaurus, or just buying it form a store shelve. Which one would impress their children much? Interactive dinosaur help us created the dinosaur fairy tale world for kids.

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Main Interactive Dinosaur Animatronics


A lovely dinosaur animatronic that made according image of a newly hatched t-rex. People are enjoy taking photo with it.

laying egg dinosaur

A animatronic dinosaur which can lay eggs—a dinosaur souvenir. It is a equipment to help owner sell souvenirs.

dinosaur ride

A animatronic ride made according some famous dinosaur like: t-rex, triceratops, Carnotaurus etc.


It can walk. Actually, tourists can ride on it and walk in the amusement park.

dinosaur hand puppet

It is a mechanical hand puppet made by image of dinosaurs. Performers operate it to attract people’s attention.

Why Should We Have Interactive Dinosaurs

Why should we made some many kind of interactive dinosaurs? To visually understand it, please try to  image you are a owner of the dinosaur park and follow our lead.


In a weekend, a couple is walking around nearby your park, in fact they are spending their family time with kids. You need attract them to your park, so your staffs will perform dinosaur hand puppet and come to invite them to your park. Then a lot of parents will enjoy visiting your park with their children.

dinosaur puppet

Kids are attracted by dinosaur hand puppet.


The family are traveling in your park and watching those animatronic dinosaurs, t-rex, raptor, triceratops… And now, they are get tired of walking and watching, they want something interactive. Then they found your walking dinosaurs and ride on them happily. Of course, they will pay for the extra service.


The couple is tired but their kids are still excited, you know, parents always get tired while their children still jump up and down. So they are looking for some amusement event for kids and a place they can take some rest. Then they found there are dinosaur rides in your rest area, and both of the parents and kids are agree to come here.


A little girl is enjoying her riding on dinosaur.


After long time traveling in your park, some family member of them are get thirsty and want some drinks. Then they found a special automatic dinosaur beverage vending machine. Of course, they will be interested in trying it.


To memorize this joyful travel experience, they want take photos in your park and share them on social medias. And it would be better if they can find a special place for photographing. Of course, you already took it in consideration and prepared a special item for them—a set of animatronic dinosaur eggs—people can hide in egg shell and show their head like a dinosaur baby.


After a happy traveling, kids stare at your souvenir gift shop and ask for souvenirs. Of course, no parents will end this journey with crying kids. So they come to your store, and found your laying egg dinosaurs--small eggs they laid are souvenirs. And parents will buy them, they’re not expensive. Therefore, at the ending of the journey, both of parents and kids will walk out your gate happily. A good trip, they thought, and they will come back.

In fact, interactive dinosaur animatronics are far more than those item we just mentioned. Please contact us to learn more interactive dinosaur we can make.

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