How to choose popular dinosaurs for your animatronic dinosaur park?

In this world, most people have said that there was a large and medium-sized reptile called dinosaur which is living in decades million years ago. They are famous all over the world for their fierce and terrible temperament. Like the message in the movie Jurassic Park, they used to exist in the universe for a long time, but now they are extinct.

In communicating with customers who plan to build animatronic dinosaur parks, people often have the same problem. What kind of dinosaurs do you think are suitable for dinosaur parks? What dinosaurs are popular with tourists? These are similar problems.

People usually make some suggestions to our customers based on their budget, the specifications of the theme park site, customs of the country, and the dinosaurs they have found in their country.

For example:

  1. The most popular dinosaur characteristics;
  2. Distribution of dinosaur characteristics according to different periods;
  3. Dinosaur family division;

Most people choose the first choice by coincidence!

Well, now let’s talk about the most popular dinosaurs, what different prehistoric periods they used to have.

Tyrannosaurus rex: It’s one of the largest dinosaur populations in the Tyrannosaurus family. It’s one of the latest extinct dinosaurs. It will be the strongest carnivorous dinosaur. In the original Roman text, the name of Tyrannosaurus was “the tyrannical lizard king”.

t-rex animatronic

Raptors: Are Raptors dinosaurs living in the late Cretaceous about 83 million to 80 million years ago? Raptors are just beginning to receive attention in the hottest movies like Jurassic World.

Triceratosaurus: Triceratops are herbivorous dinosaurs, found in the late Cretaceous Maastricht terrace geological structure. They can be said to be the most easily identifiable of all dinosaurs. The most obvious feature is that their horns and neck shields are among the most popular dinosaurs.

animatronic dinosaur

Spinosaurus: Spinosaurus means “spiny lizards,” which are theropod dinosaurs that lived and clothed in North Africa during the Late Cretaceous. Spinosaurus is well known for its distinctive sail and great size.

animatronic dinosaur

Stegosaurus: Stegosaurus was a small herbivorous animal that lived in the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous. One of the most easily distinguishable features of the Stegosaurus ‘s hand is that it has 18 separate plate-like structures on its back and long spines on the tip of its tail.

animatronic dinosaur

Brachiosaurus: Like Raptor, Brachiosaurus in the film “Jurassic Park” is special for its stature, can eat the green plants on high-altitude flowers and trees.  In fact, it has caused a great degree of dinosaur enthusiasts. Concern, this great dinosaur itself is very interesting.

dinosaur statue on the exhibition

Allosaurus: In ancient Roman, it means “novelty lizard”. This dinosaur weighed about 1.6-3 tons and reached a maximum of 3.7 tons. It is the first large and medium-sized carnivore ever discovered. Allosaurus is often thought to use crowd-based cooperative strategies to attack sauropod dinosaurs, but very little direct evidence shows that special dinosaurs have aggressive social development behavior. They will use ambush to attack large and medium-sized prey and use their maxilla to collide with prey.

animatronic allosaurus

Melanosaurus: A genus of the Leurosaurus family, this herbivorous dinosaur is about 27 meters long. It used to live and clothe between 1.46 million and 154 million years ago. Its generic name means “pitman lizard” in Greek because its tail vertebra was always mistaken as belonging to Canosaurus at the beginning.

Dilophosaurus: Dilophosaurus are described as small and medium-sized mammals. This was one of the first large and medium-sized predatory dinosaurs, though not much in comparison with some theropod dinosaurs that followed. There are two bones on the head, short and sharp forelimbs, good at running.

animatronic dilophosaurus

No doubt, the most prominent feature of the Ankylosaurus is its armor, which includes solid lumps and decks, placed on the skin. The Ankylosaurus and Euoplocephalus are often classified as cousins. However, other analyses have found that these two dinosaurs are different.

Animatronic Ankylosaurus

All of these are undoubtedly very popular parts of the dinosaurs. When you are going to build a dinosaur theme park, you must first know the characteristics of this beast, and then discuss how they add luster to your dinosaur park!

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