Various types of small animatronic Dinosaurs for sale

We sell various types of small animatronic mechanical dinosaurs for exhibition, viewing, and entertainment. Our small animatronic dinosaur is 2-4 meters long. It is made according to the proportion of all kinds of dinosaurs recovered.animatronic raptor

It is equipped with a mechanical control system. It is a model with both shape and flexibility. The skin elasticity, joint movement mode and swing mode of mechanical dinosaurs are all measured at one time, and the realistic degree is up to 90%.

animatronic t-rex

In addition to making frightening calls, small virtual mechanical dinosaurs can move their necks, heads, and mouths freely. This is because a large amount of steel was used as the dinosaur’s skeleton, and steel was welded into a chassis. The dinosaur’s belly and head were fitted with large and small motor and reducer. Dinosaur skin is made of silica gel, which is highly similar to biological skin.

animatronic velociraptor

We provide our customers with small animatronic mechanical dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Raptor, and t-rex. We can also customize all kinds of medium, large and super-large dinosaur models. As long as you want, we can make them.

animatronic dinosaur

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