How Long Does It Take to Make An Animatronic Dinosaur?

The total number of animatronic dinosaurs is different from the specification size, so it is impossible to quantify the manufacturing cycle time. The following people take five animatronic dinosaurs below 12 meters as an example, which roughly shows the time required for each process of this product:

animatronic t rex

  1. Process flow of raw material preparation in advance: 1-2 days

Because most of the animatronic dinosaurs are customized for customers, our company will reorganize the raw materials according to the order information, which will take about 1-2 days.

  1. Electric welding mechanical system: 2-4 days

The modeling design of the internal steel frame structure is the first and key process to simulate the production of dinosaurs. Because it determines the proportion of dinosaurs’ appearance, it is necessary to install the transmission system motor in the matching part to establish the dinosaur posture of wire sliding. The responsible electric welder must use steel bars to carry out the welding modeling design. This time usually costs 2-4 days.

  1. Manual carving of the whole body muscle shape of the animatronic Dinosaur: 2-3 days

The manual carving of the dinosaur’s whole body muscle shape is the result of the welding and welding of the scene transmission system. The hand Carver glues a whole piece of sponge together and carries out the hand carving with a carving knife with individual characteristics. When doing the hand carving, it is necessary to refer to the reduction drawing or the dinosaur medium-sized solid model made by the authority department, etc. after the dinosaur texture effect is manually carved. This process requires 2-3 days for strollers.

  1. Making of dinosaur skin: 2-3 days

The artificial dinosaur skin of the finished product looks full of flesh, and has the effect of moisture-proof and tear resistance. At first, the art design teachers touched a layer of elastic fiber cloth on the dinosaur surface, at the same time, it improved the compressive strength of the skin; then, the car gasoline was used as the oil paint thinner to melt the silicone glue, and then evenly brush on the elastic fiber cloth, so that you can make it moisture-proof. This process will take about 2-3 days.

  1. Outer skin color spraying process: 1-2 days

The technological process and key of outer skin color spraying decide the overall practical effect of dinosaur, which is the most visualized main performance of whether the product is qualified or not; the arts and crafts workers apply the spray gun to spray a layer of unique color paste on the outer skin of dinosaur according to the sales order, and draw the unique flower pattern, which generally must be carried out in 1-2 days.

animatronic dinosaur sculpture

Therefore, the production time of the animatronic dinosaur must be 8 working days at least, and 13 working days at most. Together, the production cycle time must be increased moderately according to the total number, specifications, average temperature and order information saturation. Therefore, if your new dinosaur project time is limited, please contact the manufacturer in advance according to the situation to spare sufficient production time.

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