Why decorate a haunted house with dinosaur props?

We all know how small details are in a haunted house, but what about larger details? What you want is something bigger and more majestic than it is in reality. You want your guests to experience something more authentic as they pass through the haunted house. To do this, you have to look at dinosaurs and fierce beasts in their original size.

Western Dragon Props Make Your Haunted House More Popular

Western Dragon Props Make Your Haunted House More Popular

In this article, we will show you 9 most suitable haunted house luxury props you can find on the Longchen Times website.

A great entrance decoration

This smoking faucet has lifelike details and a menacing appearance. It’s different from the other options on the entire list, it’s a half-length faucet, imprisoned by a solid base. When a tourist drops a coin into a bust, it will emit a thick smoke that will surprise your guests. If you don’t want your guests to pay, it also comes with a remote control, you can control him and let your guests inadvertently feel his magical smoke function.