The season where insect exhibitions can be done generally starts from March each year. Large-scale animatronic insect exhibitions are a good way to popularize science exhibitions, and our animatronic insects are the first batch in China. We have been for decades. Exhibition experience, all insect models are combined with sound, light, electricity and AR. In 2000, the animatronic of the Dinosaur Net project cooperated with Hollywood to provide large-scale insect models for international directors. An insect about 5 meters long took about 30 days to complete with the careful work of 20 people. In order to ensure the safety of the insect exhibition, we also used DC to AC power supply and another 24 power leakage prevention measures. In 2001, we cooperated with German power security experts.

The suitable seasons for insect exhibitions are generally: summer, spring, autumn, and winter.

Summer: It is hot in summer in all parts of our country. In order to avoid summer heat, people will choose park scenic spots or go to large shopping malls. If these places have insect exhibitions, it will be very effective.

The Season For Insect Exhibitions

The Season For Insect Exhibitions

Winter: Insect exhibitions in winter are for off-season exhibitions. Many thoughtful planners generally choose to do insect exhibitions in winter.

Autumn: Autumn is a harvest season, and the field is the most active season for insects. At this time, the exhibition of insects is just right.

Spring: Every year, from January to March and April, when the birds are scented with flowers, the field is full of green flowers, which is a good time for humans to relax in the spring, and the season when insects will wake up. Collecting honey back and forth, butterflies flying over the cherry blossom forest, people went to three or five friends to return to nature together. However, some friends living in the city did not have the conditions to go out and play, or did not have time, then some companies found us to do an insect exhibition, such as shopping malls, real estate, parks and scenic spots. When spring comes back to the ground, the grass starts to sprout, and the leaves are sharpened. People are rushing to spring, and the exhibition of insect models produced on the grass in the park is not effective.

In addition to introducing the knowledge and characteristics of various dinosaurs, we will also focus on the types, characteristics, habits and wedding habits of insects. Through our professional knowledge, readers can understand nature and make our website rich in knowledge, fun, beauty and philosophy. Treasure. Blend the colorful life of insects with your own life perception, and treat insects with humanity. Reveal respect and love for life. We will keep the words fresh, natural and interesting, the tone will be easy and humorous, and the facts based on the twists and turns of the story will describe the relevant knowledge of the insect exhibition.