Why are some of animatronic dinosaurs are movable?

The animatronic dinosaur model satisfies all people’s fantasies about dinosaurs. It resurrects each living dinosaur in front of us and leads us into an interesting world of dinosaurs.

We can see the simulation of dinosaur models in some shopping malls, squares, scenic spots, museums, theme parks, and amusement parks.

Some animatronic dinosaur models are static, some animatronic dinosaur models can make motions, and some animatronic dinosaur models can walk with people. They are very interesting. Why are some models of animatronic dinosaurs able to move, walk and make voices?

animatronic triceratops

The dinosaur animatronic model, which can move, walk and make voice, is an interactive product in the simulation of dinosaurs and is called walking the dinosaur.

Walking dinosaurs can usually open their mouths, head around, walk and make calls. They can bear about 80 kilograms. A walking dinosaur is about 4 meters in length. It has a coin-operated, remote-controlled and button-operated controlling mode. It is an interactive dinosaur model suitable for all ages.

animatronic dilophosaurus

Walking dinosaur production—

  1. Welding the whole support with steel, installing mechanical parts at the joint of the support.
  2. Using high-density sponge plastic to form the appearance of dinosaurs.
  3. Using fiber cloth and silicone rubber to make the skin texture of dinosaurs.
  4. Installing eyes, teeth, and color for dinosaurs.

animatronic dinosaur

This walking dinosaur, which is made of animatronic technology and modern science technology, not only has the vivid appearance and touch feeling, but also can move and make s.

It is a very popular interactive dinosaur in the animatronic dinosaur model family. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in it.

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