Animatronic gorilla for amusement parks

Animatronic animals are popular in amusement parks. We made a variety of animatronic animals like—elephant, hippo, zebra, lion, tiger, etc.

Animatronic gorilla is one of the most popular animatronic animals.

Giant animatronic gorilla--kingkong

Giant animatronic gorilla–kingkong

Today, I will introduce your animatronic gorillas made by our team.

We made a female gorilla replica and its baby.

animatronic gorilla

Animatronic female gorilla and her baby

The animatronic gorilla is dynamic with motions of eyes, mouth, hands, and head. It can also make the voices of a gorilla.

animatronic gorilla

animatronic gorilla

animatronic gorilla

animatronic gorilla

As for the gorilla baby, it is a hand puppet prop. There are cable-pulled devices inside the puppet. Operators can control the motion of the gorilla baby puppet by pulling the triggers inside.

animatronic gorilla puppet

Animatronic gorilla puppet

We provide high quality customized animatronic animals. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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