A new dinosaur exhibition

Dinosaurs have appeared numerous times in modern literature and film and television works. Their growth and death are full of mystery. Jurassic Park, which was born in 1993, has made the world deeply fascinated by dinosaurs.

dinosaur exhibition

T-rex dinosaur on the exhibition

This dinosaur exhibition company provides more than ten kinds of high-tech animatronic dinosaur models, such as Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Oviraptor, Pterosaur, etc. Most of them can make motions including– tail-swinging, head-turning and other actions, which looks lifelike.

animatronic dinosaur statues

Workers are preparing a dinosaur exhibition

Each dinosaur is accompanied by a description of its name and habits. On the spot, reporters saw parents patiently introducing their children, just like a lively dinosaur popular science lesson.

dinosaur statue on the exhibition

The dinosaur exhibition is also very sophisticated. There are different kinds of dinosaurs in the small square outside the marketing center, in the interior of the marketing center, as well as in front of the landscape garden demonstration area and the model room.

We provide all kinds of animatronic dinosaurs for exhibitions. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

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