It is very welcome in the dinosaur exhibition. Its fame is among the best in the dinosaurs. It can be said that it is a kind of dinosaurs known to all people in the world. It has a ferocious character and a large body. People can say its name casually, it is Tyrannosaurus Rex, and its production method is different from other dinosaurs. It is a representative of carnivorous dinosaurs. Every TV and movie related to dinosaurs is one of the protagonists. . Today I will talk about the production method of the animatronic T-Rex. I hope everyone can have a new understanding of the animatronic of T-Rex production.

Manufacturing method of Animatronic Dinosaur T-rex

Manufacturing method of Animatronic Dinosaur T-rex

The size of the animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex is 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, 7 meters and 30 meters. Of course, it can be produced more than 30 meters, but the production process of the 30 meters animatronic Tyrannosaurus is different. I wo n’t talk about it today. It is not difficult to see from the unearthed tyrannosaurus rex fossil that it is a walking dinosaur with hind legs. The body is very large, but the head and the size of the belly are very relevant. When producing a tyrannosaurus rex, it must be made according to the following method.

Manufacturing method of animatronic T-rex

Manufacturing method of animatronic T-rex

1. For the effect picture, we must have a photo of Tyrannosaurus Rex in the first step. We must first know the color of Tyrannosaurus Rex, how big, long and tall it is.

2. Determine the action. We must determine the action of this dinosaur after the photo or rendering is really good. What action can it take after it is produced, such as the eyelids? Can I move my forehand and my stomach?

3. Find our project to draw the production drawing through the effect drawing. The production drawing is very important. The subsequent construction must be completed according to this drawing. The shape, size and proportion of the animatronic T-Rex produced by it are determined by it.

4. Make a general framework for the animatronic of Tyrannosaurus Rex

5. Make a line that simulates Tyrannosaurus Rex

6.Design motion transmission system

7, complete the overall welding

8.Produce skin

9.Design and control computer main box

10, good color

The above 10 steps are how to make a animatronic of Tyrannosaurus Rex. animatronic of Tyrannosaurus Rex is very important in the exhibition. If you want to make a animatronic of Tyrannosaurus Rex, please follow the steps above to complete it.