The principle of simulating dinosaur movement. The dinosaur to be described today is the working principle of dynamic dinosaurs. The dinosaurs you see can be called, mouths closed, eyes and skins moved, front feet moved, stomach breathing dynamics, tail swings, and some dinosaur back The sword board can still move, so what is the principle of its movement? Its motion principle is divided into the following situations.

1. The computer system issues instructions, and the computer control system issues designations to let each part of the dinosaur move one by one or two or two. For example, in order to make it realistic, a animatronic dinosaur can make its front feet and tail move simultaneously, and its mouth and neck move simultaneously, so that it can more vividly display the characteristics of dinosaurs and make it more ornamental.

2. Power memory sends instructions. Power memory refers to that high-end motors have command debugging buttons. When we start the buttons, it will make corresponding actions within a certain period (time).

animatronic of dinosaur action

animatronic of dinosaur action

3. Inertial power, which refers to the inertia of the dinosaur’s internal machinery to make subsequent actions after the power is turned on. This technology is currently the most advanced technology and can be regarded as a new energy source in dinosaurs.

The above points are the working principles of a animatronic dinosaur. The operating principles of animatronic insects and animals are completely different from the principles of animatronic dinosaurs. I will share how they work in the future.