Suggestions on Setting Up the Animatronic Dinosaur Theme Park

As a manufacturer and distributor of animatronic dinosaurs, we helped many customers to build their theme amusement park. Together, we have accumulated some work experience. Here, we sort out some proposals for establishing theme amusement parks and look forward to helping you:

animatronic triceratops model

  1. The theme style of the ecological park must be clear and cannot be copied

Theme amusement park must have established theme style, conform to the development trend of holiday tourism, and reflect the characteristics of differentiated competition of holiday tourism.

For example, Changzhou’s Dinosaur Park of the Chinese nation is an ecological park with established theme style, high level of division and unique characteristics. Dinosaurs are so far the largest small land animals in the universe, some of the most impressive horrifying large and medium-sized carnivores, but they suddenly disappeared. Dinosaurs are great and mysterious microorganisms, people are addicted to dinosaurs. This makes “dinosaur” a very attractive theme style. There are not only game projects, but also historical museums and new scientific research projects. There are electric animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils in the ecological park. This makes Dinosaur Park attractive and has a more general audience.

animatronic triceratops

  1. Product positioning must be realistic and pragmatic

Because of the huge investment in the construction of theme parks, and the urgent need for community owners to get back the cost, they will set a very high ticket. The price of many theme parks is much higher than that of famous traditional tourist attractions. This will cause the customer sales market to become smaller and reduce the return call rate and other problems. Theme parks should be priced effectively under the background map of a comprehensive market survey to attract a large number of tourists to the ecological park. Adopt flexible operation mode and price strategy together, for example, according to the catering industry, shopping and other service projects to increase the output comes from. According to the survey, one-fifth of the income of Disneyland in the UK comes from tourists’ shopping or games. In addition, the tickets for adults, children, the elderly and the disabled can be different. In the light and peak seasons, the ecological park can reduce the tickets to attract tourists.

  1. Tourism commodities should keep pace with the times

The theme amusement park is a commodity with rich and colorful culture. The garden landscape, theme activities and atmosphere of the theme amusement parks are all made by people. If I don’t pursue perfect and independent innovation, your temptation will weaken. Because theme amusement park is not like natural scenery or scenic spots, after all, it can attract tourists with nature or historical and cultural assets, but only continuously enrich content, develop new projects, and follow reform and innovation.

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According to practical experience, the most important way to increase the life cycle of theme parks is to continuously develop commodities, update and transform old commodities, and promote the steady growth of passenger traffic volume. For example, Disneyland will introduce new theme styles and new content to attract acquaintances according to the change of the protagonists of the usual animated character parade. In addition, we can only continuously select the latest news technology to enrich the content, which can help attract tourists for a long time.

  1. Theme amusement park should enhance cooperation with news media

Although user evaluation is the most reasonable way to promote theme amusement parks, nowadays electronic media and text news media are very important. These two kinds of news media are not contradictory, but complementary. We will work together to improve the popularity of tourists. Therefore, people must pay special attention to select suitable ways to promote the famous brand and commodity information of the theme park.

In fact, many theme amusement parks often have very good tourism products, but they lack purposeful publicity and planning, and their own advantages are not highlighted.

When you are also running a theme park, we hope that the left and right content can provide you with some effective information content. When you are willing to build a dinosaur theme park, people are also willing to help you.

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