As the saying goes, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou under heaven, the beauty of Hangzhou’s West Lake spreads to the world, Hangzhou with blue sky, white clouds and clear sky has opened a curtain of a large-scale animatronic dinosaur exhibition in the sound of a tyrannosaurus. The animatronic dinosaur exhibition has been held in Hangzhou. It is very popular. From the opening of the real estate to the opening of the store, it will put a few dinosaurs to attract business. The use of artificial dinosaurs to increase popularity and earn eyeballs will also increase sales growth. The animatronic dinosaur exhibition has a good reputation with a wide audience, regardless of crowds, men and women. The sales layout of the animatronic dinosaur exhibition market is as follows.

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang Province in China. There are 10 districts and 2 county towns below Hangzhou. The average personal income has reached nearly 50,000 yuan. The transportation is very convenient. They can be divided into regions:

Animatronic dinosaur exhibition market sales layout

Animatronic dinosaur exhibition market sales layout

1. animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition in Shangcheng District: Shangcheng District is located in the center of Hangzhou. There are not many new buildings currently, but there are large commercial squares for dinosaur exhibitions.

2. Xiacheng District Dinosaur Rental: Xiacheng District is more downtown than Shangcheng District, with a population of about 530,000, strong economic strength, and large high-end commercial centers. You can find us on the commercial anniversary or on the square to rent animatronic dinosaurs. The effect is good. Heavy traffic.

3. Large dinosaurs in Jianggan District: The transportation in this area is convenient, and there are many humanities scenic spots. animatronic dinosaur exhibitions can be placed in some company scenic spots.

Animatronic dinosaurs exhibition market sales layout

Animatronic dinosaurs exhibition market sales layout

4. animatronic dinosaurs in Gongshu District: Gongshu District has many cultural attractions and profound cultural heritage. We can do large-scale animatronic dinosaur exhibitions. We can plan and implement them all. All animatronic dinosaurs are manufactured by ourselves.

5. animatronic dinosaurs in the West Lake District: Everyone in the West Lake District must think of the beauty of the West Lake when they hear the name. There are too many places for dinosaur exhibitions in this area, so I won’t go into details.

6. Binjiang District: This is currently the most suitable state of development for large-scale dinosaur exhibitions. There are hundreds of newly opened real estate, and demand is very large.

7. Xiaoshan District: Xiaoshan District is a suburb of Hangzhou, but there is almost no suburb now, and the traffic is very developed. The dinosaur exhibition is the most cooperative.

8. Yuhang District and Fuyang District: These two districts are the key development areas in 2018. There have been several animatronic dinosaur exhibitions in these two districts, but the effect of each event is very good. Bring good sales to the organizers. The sales volume of houses sold rose by 20%.

The sales layout of Hangzhou animatronic dinosaur exhibition market is probably the same as above. Units that want to make animatronic dinosaurs must find a professional supplier. We have been engaged in animatronic dinosaur exhibition business for more than 10 years. Everyone is welcome to come to our company for a site inspection.