What is the material of the electric dinosaur model?

In some large and medium-sized tourist attractions and theme parks, people can often see animatronic dinosaur models. They are with sharp teeth, making vivid gestures and terrible howl. I think a lot of tourists are curious about what raw materials are used in the animatronic dinosaur models?

dinosaur model

The common raw material is sponge silicone rubber, which is soft and ductile. And its touch feeling is very lifelike, just like touching real microbes. The dinosaur model with posture can be made by installing an electric motor inside and constructing a dynamical system.

In the process of manufacture, stainless steel sheets such as round steel pipe, square steel pipe are used firstly to make a mechanical frame.

Then, according to the posture of the animatronic dinosaur model, electric welding was carried out. The position with posture is welded into the movable joint, and the position without posture is welded into the fixed structure immediately.

dinosaur model

The next step is to install motors and transmission systems for the animatronic dinosaur. The motor can be used as a DC brushless motor or a servo motor, while the pneumatic animatronic dinosaur can only use a cylinder. Whether using a motor or cylinder, it is suitable to make a dynamic model, but the cost of cylinder is relatively higher.

t rex sculpture

Ultimately, the sponge is used as the sole of the muscle. According to the appearance design of dinosaurs, artists make relative rough models of dinosaurs.

After skin chemical fibers are added, moisture-proof and sealing treatment technology can be used to color. Oil-soluble acrylic pigments are usually used to avoid fading after rain.

There is also a dinosaur model of fiberglass anticorrosive material, but the surface of raw materials is hard, so it can not be modified to make motions.