animatronic dinosaur

What’s the animatronic dinosaur?

Animatronic dinosaur is full-size robotic puppet of dinosaur. It created from the dinosaur model building according real-life scientific discover of dinosaur fossils. Animatronic dinosaurs we made are with realistic appearance, flexible motions, and lifelike roaring.

We have a long-time cooperation with paleontologists  to make our dinosaurs realistic and scientific. And we also learn a lot of idea form popular cultural dinosaur elements to create dinosaurs meet the demand of market.

Animatronic dinosaurs we made are popular by audiences of amusement park, theme exhibition, museum, and traveling show.

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dinosaur theme park

Animatronic T-rex for Theme Park

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Animatronic Velociraptor for Shopping mall

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Animatronic Allosaurus for Museum

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Animatronic T-rex for Theme Exhibition

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Animatronic Triceratops for Restaurant

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How Did We Make The Animatronic Dinosaur?

animatronic dinosaur


Design 3D model of dinosaurs

Firstly, we need to design a draft for building the animatronic dinosaur. We also got the ability to design animatronic dinosaurs and scenes according to our 3D dinosaur models.


Ankylosaurus draft

animatronic dinosaur frame

Frame making & install cables

Building the steel frame according to size and shape of dinosaurs, the steel frame is the “bones” of the animatronic dinosaur. Then, installing electronic devices on the mechanical system. So the mechanical frame can be movable.

dinosaur shape

Stick foam on the steel frame

This step is to stick sponges on the steel frame, the high strength sponge should be muscles of animatronic dinosaur.

Make the further shape with knife

Make the further shape with knife

Sponges must be clipped according to dinosaur design, so we can have body details of dinosaurs.

Make skin detail

Make skin detail

Workers use high-temperature electric iron “paint” on the sponge to make skin fold and scale of dinosaurs. The processing of skin details has a big influence on dinosaur appearance.

Stick high strength material on skin

Stick high strength material on the skin

Sticking high strength silk material is an important step to increase the durability of dinosaur skin. Then we need to apply a layer of silicone on the skin, which will increase skin elasticity and toughness of the animatronic dinosaur further.

Paint accord to the design

Paint accord to the design

Painting is the final important step to make a dinosaur. We paint it with high-quality oil which won’t fade easily. The skin color of dinosaurs is customized or made according to scientific researches.

Animatronic dinosaur in designing

Why Us?

A reliable manufacturer can always help you get what you high quality product with less trouble. To meet the demand of yours, we give 6 core strength:

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More about our company

Business Plan

Animatronic dinosaurs are attractive and popular. But how can it help you make profits? It must be what you mostly care about. Here are some business plan for you.


Besides those dinosaur fossil and skeleton, animatronic dinosaurs are necessary exhibits in prehistoric museum.

animatronic dinosaur in museum

Animatronic Allosaurus exhibits in prehistoric museum

Theme Park

Of course, there should be a variety of animatronic dinosaurs in a dinosaur theme park, who will go there without them?

dinosaur theme park

Tourists are taking photos in dinosaur theme park.

Theme Restaurant

People are interested in spending their family time in a special place. A dinosaur theme restaurant is sounds good.

dinosaur theme restaurant

Ladies are dating in a dinosaur theme restaurant

Traveling Exhibition

A traveling dinosaur theme exhibition can attract more than 10 thousands tourists in a short time.

dinosaur theme-exhibition

An animatronic Carnotaurus displayed on a traveling exhibition

Dinosaur Hotel

Did you have been a theme hotel? But have been to a dinosaur hotel, with robot dinosaur waiter, how about have a try?


An animatronic raptor waiter help visitor checking in the theme hotel

Shopping Mall

Shopping mall owners are looking for items to attract people to their shopping mall, animatronic dinosaurs are good choice.

A animatronic t-rex attracted customers in the shopping mall

Our Cases

A dinosaur stage show is playing in national theater of China, we provide our most advanced animatronic dinosaurs.

A theme park building in tropical jungle area just like the island in film Jurassic Park. Our animatronic dinosaurs are exhibiting here.


A special museum in South Korea. What will happened when dinosaurs meet Teddy bears? This museum will tell you.


Number of customers is important for running a shopping mall. Our animatronic dinosaur absolutely bring more customers to the mall.

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Praise form Clients

The praise from clients is the best evidence of our work. There are some feedback for our group ( is belong to KANOSAUR Group)

customers rating
customers rating

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