Animatronic Dinosaur Production History Time

The manufacture of animatronic dinosaurs can be divided into two processes.

The first is the dynamic mechanical dinosaur, which uses stainless steel plate to make the dinosaur support frame, plus mechanical equipment and transmission system, and uses high-density sponge to carry out three-dimensional production and processing to make a part of the whole body muscle of dinosaur, then adds chemical fiber on the whole body muscle to improve the compressive strength of dinosaur skin, and finally uses silicone rubber to evenly brush the whole body muscle of dinosaur.

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To create the skin of dinosaurs, and then spray the color, and finally embed the management program, so that this detailed animatronic of dinosaurs will come out. Such dinosaurs can ensure that the eyes, head, mouth, neck, front paws, abdomen, legs, tail and other positions plus suitable voice are very lifelike!

The second is the dinosaur sculpture. Its processing technology and raw materials are divided into two categories:

  1. FRP anticorrosive material, 2. Cement sculpture. At the time of making, a stainless steel plate must be used as the skeleton diagram of the dinosaur, and then the skin with FRP anticorrosion and cement sculpture is attached. That kind of dinosaur can make different postures, lifelike. But he can’t do the mechanical movement. He’s talking about a fixed dinosaur sculpture.

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Development trend:

Phase: uphill phase

From the end of the 95th era of the last century to the end of 2008. This period is the most disordered period in China’s animatronic dinosaur industry.

All kinds of artificial dinosaurs are very hot on the market. Most of the animatronic dinosaurs are glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture crafts that can’t move or be called.

They are rigid in appearance, which can’t lead to such an environment as discomfort and visual impact. It can be seen that the key is the processing and manufacturing industry of China’s animatronic dinosaurs, which has not been improved in terms of dinosaur production technology.

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Because the production cost of the animatronic dinosaur is a little lower at this time, so the novice entry threshold of the animatronic dinosaur rental company is also low, and various dinosaur rental companies vary from good to bad. During this period, the animatronic dinosaur enterprises mainly concentrated in Sichuan Province. Some dinosaur making and renting companies with technical advantages have accumulated initial assets in the period.

The second stage: benign competition period

From the beginning of 2004 to 2016, this environmental saving has been achieved. This period is the Warring States period of making and renting dinosaurs in China.

It can be seen that the key is that great progress has been made in the production technology of animatronic dinosaurs. Some excellent electronic information technology and automatic control are used to animatronic the production of dinosaurs.

With the application of this new technology, the dinosaurs that used to be inflexible or immovable became “alive”, greatly improving their discomfort and visual impact on the spot.

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Because of the increase in the production cost of animatronic dinosaurs, some small and medium-sized animatronic dinosaur rental companies that do not have the overall strength and can not immediately carry out technical upgrading went bankrupt on a large scale.

Some real animatronic dinosaur production and rental companies with overall strength, user evaluation, and sales performance survived and made a lot of profits. From then on, they have established a large-scale business model for the development of animatronic dinosaur rental companies.

Animatronic the political influence of the dinosaur manufacturing industry. The animatronic dinosaur leasing company with the Zigong region in Sichuan, Guangzhou region in Guangdong Province, Qingdao region and Suzhou region as its meaning is at least the leader.

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Stage: normative link

This saving has been from 2016 to now. After a round of benign competition, some users’ evaluation of the reputation is poor, and the animatronic dinosaur rental companies that have turned over the goods and returned them for a long time and mixed their eyes have withdrawn from the performance stage of the sales market, and the market price of animatronic dinosaur rental in the industry has just begun to return to normal.

Animatronic dinosaur rental manufacturing industry has come to an end. The sales market of animatronic dinosaurs should not be mixed. Famous companies in Zigong, Guangdong, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Suzhou regions in Sichuan Province have carved up the sales market of dinosaurs in China. The industry also coincided with some of the default dinosaur rental standards. This link means that under the adjustment of the market economy system, the manufacturing industry of animatronic dinosaur has gradually stepped into the normative link.

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