The characteristics and scale of the animatronic dinosaur exhibition

Dinosaur and paleontology exhibition thematic activities with necessary scientific popularization, challenge, and ornamental value are held by simulating the commodities related to dinosaurs.

animatronic dinosaur

Generally, as what is this kind of business individual behavior, real estate industry, large shopping malls, city squares, traditional festival theme activities, theme amusement parks, historical museums, science and technology exhibition halls are held. The key exhibits are animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur fossils, collection of animatronic dinosaur specimens and paleontological animatronic models. Exhibits are delicate and lifelike in shape and design and are loved by young people and children.

animatronic dilophosaurus

Characteristics: Dinosaur exhibition has the necessary education, can popularize the professional knowledge of social sciences, can master the relevant professional knowledge of dinosaurs. Interesting interactive: Dinosaurs have a variety of interesting game playing methods, not only can feel the tyrannical side leakage of dinosaur riding, but also become a moment for scientists and technicians to discover dinosaur fossils, explore the secrets of dinosaurs, and more appreciate the rich interactive exchange theme activities such as hide-and-seek cats in dinosaur eggs.

Simple installation: Exhibitors only have to lay out the exhibition venues and their security work during the exhibition period, while dinosaur exhibits can be rented or purchased from dinosaur manufacturers.

animatronic dinosaur

Proactive publicity and planning effectiveness: Dinosaur exhibition can attract the eyes of customers very well, to enhance the publicity and planning of exhibitors, to enhance the publicity and planning of exhibitors, expand the scope of hazards has a proactive effect.

Large and medium-sized dinosaur exhibitions have many types of exhibits, large venues and facilities, wide coverage of propaganda and planning, rich and colorful interactive exchange theme activities, most of which are held in dinosaur theme parks, science and technology exhibition halls and large and medium-sized dinosaur museums.

High quality animatronic dinosaur

Highly detailed animatronic dinosaur

Small and medium-sized dinosaur exhibitions, whether the total number of exhibits, types, site size, impact, or the rich and colorful level of interactive exchange theme activities are relatively moderate. Real estate theme activities are more common, and large city squares are held.

Small and medium-sized dinosaur exhibitions are insufficient at all levels, the total number is small, the venues are small, the theme activities are single, and there are many kinds of dinosaur exhibitions in large shopping malls.

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