Three types of animatronic dinosaurs are generally chosen for dinosaur Parks

Animatronic dinosaur production is the traditional processing technology, its shape design, and posture level are vivid, very delicate. Several of them are guaranteed by many manufacturers, such as the following living dinosaurs.

  1. Tyrannosaurus rex. At the time of the simulation of dinosaur production, it was stipulated that the eyes would blink, the lips would open and put together a special sound effect to show the breathing situation according to the heart rate. The top of the head and the body sway from side to side, especially when the forelimbs have to sway and the tail wags.
  1. Brachiosaurus, a sauropod dinosaur with four feet, has short hind limbs and long tails. It has a mouth stick and must have a special sound effect. The same top of the head sways from side to side. The other neck can rotate. Its standard posture is to be able to tilt upward, the human body will be more like a skewed steep slope, the skull hanging in the air, proud of the bottom of the foot of the ground.
  1. Pterosaurs are such flying dinosaurs. Therefore, when the side of the human body reaches four pterygophalanges, the wing will grow out. But there are usually two kinds of pterosaurs. The earliest pterosaurs had their front teeth covered with jaws and slender dog tails, while the late pterosaurs lacked front teeth and had shorter tails. So mechanical dinosaurs were usually made in the first category at that time, which would be very obvious.

There are several kinds of animatronic dinosaurs, which people usually see most when they watch the dinosaur exhibition or the related images of dinosaurs

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