Life-size  Animatronic Alligator Statue For Amusement Park

Animatronic alligator statue is a 1:1 scale robotic model of the alligator.

animatronic alligator statue

The alligator statues are widely used as decorations in water park, exhibits in museums or prank props in haunted house.

Nowadays, we made a life-size animatronic crocodile for a amusement park.

animatronic alligator

It is about 1.8 meters in length. With the electric and mechanical system, it can make motions and voices of crocodiles.

The motions it made including—eyes blinking, mouth moving, tail swing, limbs moving, etc.

As we mentioned such a animatronic alligator model is also a good choice of haunted houses.

alligator statue

Normally, we will make a infrared sensor controlled alligator animatronic. The alligator statue will rushing in front of people’s faces. A lot of audiences of haunted houses will be scared by this prop.

alligator statue

Some of the animatronic crocodile even be hidden underwater. Therefore, it is more scare when it rush out of the water.

It is worth mentioning that the crocodile model hidden underwater are not using electric system. To make it safe and reliable, we will choose pneumatic system instead.

Video of the crocodile replica

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