The Process of Making Large-scale Animatronic Animal

Large-scale animatronic animal models are mainly used to restore various animals. Some extinct or uncommon animals are presented by the animatronic process.

So, how did the large-scale animatronic animal model be made?

Now, We will reveal the process of making large-scale animatronic animal models for you.

The first step in making a large-scale animatronic animal model is to design the shape of the animal and mark the specific size of the animal. Excellent design drawings will lighten the burden and improve the production efficiency of workers.

animatronic elephant

The second step is the fabrication of the steel frame structure. The chassis is welded with steel, and the main structure of animals is welded on the chassis. The manufacture of the steel frame is an important step to ensure the firm structure of products and is also the basis of the whole production process.

animatronic elephant

The third step is mechanical installation and debugging. Installation of mechanical system at joints such as head and abdomen of the welded base frame requires many debugging works after installation. Only in this way can the animatronic animal move like a real animal.

The fourth step of making animatronic animal models. It is to wrap the base frame of the mechanical system with a high-density sponge, and then cut and shape it bit by bit according to the design drawing to make the general shape of the animal.

animatronic elephant

Fifth step, skin texture production. To finish this step we need to use fiber cloth, silica gel, and other materials. Animal skin texture is produced on the animatronic animal model which is completed by shaping, and the animatronic animal model is basically formed after completion.animatronic elephant

The sixth part, painting. According to the customer’s design drawing, the worker adjusts the specific color with the pigments and sprays it on the skin of the animatronic animal model with a spray gun.

The last step is to make details. Details of the production-related to the installation of eyes, teeth and making other details, these details are completed, the entire animatronic animal model production is completed.

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