Common Problems in Installation of Large Animatronic Animal Model

There are many typical cases of large-scale animatronic animal models which are damaged due to poor installation.

In fact, the installation team of the production company is inexperienced and not installed well. Because the large-scale animatronic animal models are often placed outdoors, the installation conditions are fully embodied when they are installed.

animatronic animal

Every animatronic animal has flanges from the factory settings. And after the installation on the spot, it is completely damp-proof. There is no water seepage inside. The whole animatronic animal is an eddy current. But there are still many customers who fall off the steel frame of the animatronic animal due to the poor installation team, or the short-circuit fault of electrical equipment and motor, and the product is hemiplegia.

  1. Common Problems in Installation of Steel Frame Structures for Large Animatronic Animal Models

animatronic elephant

  1. The installation of the large-scale animatronic animal model needs a crane. There is no restriction on a load of the crane, only the heavy arm is long enough. When the crane is lifting the large-scale animatronic animal model, we need to pay attention to whether the wire rope is fastened and whether the ground is vertical.
  2. When using wire rope to bind the parts of large-scale animatronic animal models, attention should be paid to the vertical bisect of the ground, which will be more convenient when the flange plate is aligned and the bolts are fastened.
  3. Common Problems of Steel Frame Structure Installation Team for Large Animal Model.
  4. Animatronic animal models, regardless of size, are made of materials such as gasoline dissolving paint. They are very afraid of fire. Especially when they are installed, the gasoline of the animatronic animal is volatilizing. If they are ignited immediately, the installation team must not carry the fire with them and prohibit smoking. Otherwise, the adverse effects will be unimaginable.

animatronic elephant

5. Construction workers need to add a reserved wire rope when they tie the wire rope because they are installing large-scale animatronic animals and belong to the climbing operation. They also need to equip dry powder fire extinguishers anytime and anywhere to prevent the ignition safety accidents of animatronic animals.

6. Common Problems after Installatio7.n of Steel Frame Structure of Large-scale Animal Model.

7. Treatment of wound in the installation position, sew the wound up with family needle thread, wipe the wound with acid glass glue evenly distributed on the sewed wound. If there is no need for structural glue to do moisture-proof treatment, if there are heavy rain and temperature, simulate animal wound seepage and cause motor damage.

8. The suspension of a large-scale animatronic animal model is fixed. According to the different requirements of bidding parties, expansion bolts are required, and the concrete softening suspension of mortar merchants is required.

However, no matter which methods are used to fix the suspension, for the large-scale animatronic animal model, the coolest rope is needed to fix. The overweight animatronic animal occupies a large area in the upwind, so the wind rope must be used in many ways. Fixed, so as to ensure safety.

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