Haunted House Animatronics

Haunted house animatronics are customized horrible animatronics made for haunted house.

Unlike static scary statues, it is dynamic with motions and horrible voices.

Therefore, it makes people more scared when they appeared in haunted houses.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the scary animatronics.

  1. Animatronic zombies



Zombies are widely seen in haunted houses. With electric and mechanical systems, our animatronic zombies are more realistic.

  1. Animatronic snow monster

animatronic snow monster

Custom monsters are popular and specific. We made a snow monster with 4 eyes, all the eyes are independent. It is attractive because of the lifelike and scary appearance.

  1. Animatronic octopus monster

animatronic octopus monster

animatronic octopus monster

Horrible octopus monster appears in a lot of Middle Ages fairy tales. They are nightmare for sailors and fishermen. So, the octopus monster animatronic we made attracts many visitors.

  1. Animatronic Vampire

animatronic Vampire

The famous Vampire named Dracula is horrible and attracts many people. Therefore, it is a indispensable custom monster animatronic in haunted house. We also made animatronic vampires for haunted house.

  1. Haunted house decorations

animatronic plant

Video of another haunted house items.

Animatronic plants are good decorations for haunted houses. Popular animatronic plants including Halloween pumpkin, Chomper, etc.

We provide all kinds of customized haunted house props. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

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