How can we avoid purchasing or renting re-conditioned animatronic dinosaurs?

In recent years, the animatronic dinosaur rental sales market has become more and more popular. Large shopping malls use animatronic dinosaurs to attract popularity.

Some children’s playgrounds immediately choose animatronic dinosaurs or animatronic dinosaur battery cars as new items of recreational equipment for economic benefits. In spite of the uneven situation, you should clear your eyes and not be blinded by the surface conditions.

animatronic dinosaur

Like the refurbishment of mobile phones, many animatronic dinosaur enterprises have the same status as the old animatronic dinosaurs.

How to avoid purchasing or renting the re-conditioned animatronic dinosaurs when they are refurbished and sold as new animatronic dinosaurs?

If you remember the following, you can avoid the situation of fake and inferior dinosaurs in the whole process of choosing and buying animatronic dinosaurs or leasing animatronic dinosaurs.

  1. Animatronic dinosaurs are very easy to be renovated. Because the surface of animatronic dinosaurs is very easy to be repaired, the process of cleaning and coloring the animatronic dinosaurs after a period of time will look clean and tidy.
animatronic dinosaur

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On the surface, it looks like a new animatronic dinosaur. However, not every area of animatronic dinosaurs can be renovated. For example, the eyes of animatronic dinosaurs can not be renovated. The eyes of animatronic dinosaurs are ordinary plastic materials. Plastics will be brittle and damaged after a period of time, and the damage is not reversible. There is no repair method to deal with this problem. The new animatronic dinosaur’s eyes look very transparent, without scratches, while the reconstructed animatronic dinosaur’s eyes look a little gray and usually have very few scratches. When you buy or rent an animatronic dinosaur, you must immediately point out it to the animatronic dinosaur manufacturer or renter when finding this problem.

  1. Despite the fact that it is impossible to repair the eyes of an animatronic dinosaur, the front teeth of an animatronic dinosaur are still a very easy area to see whether the animatronic dinosaur is a refurbished area. The newly upgraded animatronic dinosaur’s front teeth should be close to milky white and slightly reddish, but it’s not easy to have all the paint marks on them. And after the renovation of the animatronic dinosaur’s front teeth, in addition to yellowing more serious, there is also a little dark gray, and at the root of the front teeth, there are also a small number of paint marks. Because when renovating the old animatronic dinosaur, the skin of the animatronic dinosaur will be painted again, the animatronic dinosaur’s front teeth will inevitably be painted, and the new production of animatronic dinosaur’s. At that time, it was not easy to solve this problem, because the newly upgraded production of animatronic dinosaurs at that time, the animatronic of dinosaur’s front teeth were all installed after spraying and other work.

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