An Animatronic Insect Model Being Made

The dinosaur production factory not only designed and produced dinosaurs but also provided animatronic animal models and insect models. The animatronic insect model is made by modern scientific and technological means, according to the shape of the insect itself, and enlarged thousands of times in proportion. Our products are very lifelike in appearance, shape, movement and so on. You will be amazed by the lifelike appearance.

animatronic grasshopper

This is an animatronic insect model being made by the factory. It is a skin grafting process simulating the grasshopper. The animatronic grasshopper model is 3 meters long and is magnified on the prototype of the grasshopper.

animatronic insects

It is made of steel, machinery, high-density sponge, fiber cloth, silica gel, pigments, and other materials. The skin grafting of the animatronic grasshopper is finished after shaping and then pasted on the grasshopper surface with fiber cloth and silica gel to make the animatronic insect model more realistic.

It takes about 15 days to make such an animatronic insect model. Only with meticulous production can it produce vivid products. Factory animatronic insect models also include centipedes, scorpions, snails, bees and so on, all kinds of insects are available.

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