Productions and Precautions for Making Animatronic Animals

Special Tools/Raw Materials: Second Welding Machine, Automatic Cutting Machine, Caliper, Cable Wire, Motor.

  1. calculates the drawing proportion of large and medium-sized electric animatronic animals:

When it was made, it would print out the drawings of the animatronic animals that needed to be made and hand them to the artistic design. At this moment, it is necessary to use calipers on the paper to calculate the actual steel frame structure specifications according to the size of the animals in the photos.

  1. Watch Animal Restoration Animation Video:

After calculating the structural specifications of the animatronic animal steel frame, it is also necessary to dissolve each posture. At this moment, we must watch the video of animal restoration on the Internet as a reference. When installing the motor, we must refer to the video. For example, it is not easy for four-legged animals to have the posture of the human body up and down.

  1. Fabrication of Animatronic Animal Steel Frame Structure:

According to the measured steel frame specifications, small and medium-sized animals of 5 meters in length usually use seamless stitching circular steel tube to make steel frame structure, large and medium-sized animals of 12 meters or so use square steel tube to make steel frame structure, and super-large animals of 30 meters or so need square steel tube to make steel frame structure.

animatronic elephant

  1. Installation of Animatronic Animal Motor:

According to the posture of the animals in the restored video, the motor is placed in the matching parts of the bones, and the embedded parts of the knots of each motor are easy to program.

  1. Animal animatronic design:

The first thing is to use a sponge to encapsulate the animatronic animal steel frame with the motor. The relative density of each position is different. For example, the sponge in the neck is a unique sponge with the best extensibility. Because the animatronic animal’s neck is strong in fitness exercise, the general sponge is insufficient, which easily leads to the destruction of the animatronic animal skin and motor.

  1. Animatronic Animal Testing Delivery:

Each fabricated animatronic animal will carry out fault testing, usually not very good will be detected within 76 hours, if not very good immediately change, to prevent problems after rectification.

Common problem:

Electrically animatronic animals with a height-width ratio of more than 3.6 meters should Weld flanges at the foot, otherwise, they will not be able to reach the speed of shank in ultra-wide transportation.

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