Newly Created Animatronic Spinosaurus Is Coming

To meet the demand of clients , we had manufactured an animatronic Spinosaurus with 3D models now.

Spinosaurus 3D model

Spinosaurus 3D model

Spinosaurus is a Carnivorous dinosaur lived in where now is North Africa, during the Cretaceous.

The animatronic Spinosaurus is a newly made dinosaur products by our artists.

It adopted new technology which give it an ability to spray smoke. (It can also spraying water).

Animatronic Spinosaurus

Animatronic Spinosaurus is spraying smoke

This animatronic Spinosaurus is carefully carved by experienced workers and painted strictly according the design. Therefore it 99% realized the design we made.

Details of Spinosaurus

Details of Spinosaurus skin

Motions created by us including: eyes blinking, mouth opening, limbs moving, breathing, tail swing, smoke spraying etc.

Spinosaurus statue in workshop

Spinosaurus statue in workshop

Video of animatronic Spinosaurus