How to estimate the cost of making an animatronic dinosaur?

Animatronic dinosaur is also called the bionic technology mechanical dinosaur model. It uses steel frame structure, sponge as the whole body muscle filling, and combines elastic cloth and silicone rubber skin. It can make motions and voices and is suitable for the dinosaur theme exhibition.

According to the different functions and types of making animatronic dinosaurs, the cost of making animatronic dinosaurs can be estimated according to how much it costs per meter. Here are some examples.

The basic motion of this 4-meter dinosaur animatronic is to shout, blink, and move its head, and wag the tail.

animatronic t-rex

According to Tyrannosaurus Rex, it costs about 350 USD per meter. The cost of replacing the large herbivorous dinosaurs, such as Triceratosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus, was about 370 USD per meter.

When the size of the animatronic dinosaur exceeds 8 meters in length, because of its large volume, the specifications for thin and thick raw materials and manual services are higher, so the price per meter will rise.

animatronic t-rex

The actual increase depends on the types of dinosaurs and their roles. If it is the long neck, brachiosaurs, diplodocus, the increase is smaller.

animatronic brachiosaurus

If it was a fat four-legged dinosaur, the increase would be huge.

The actual cost is based on the application area, manufacturing specifications and construction period, after-sales service time, price fluctuations in small areas, such as outdoor application in North area, the sunshine market in summer, snow in winter, long after-sales service time, manufacturing costs will undoubtedly increase.

animatronic dinosaur

Summary: Although the production cost of animatronic dinosaurs will suffer from a variety of factors, it can be estimated according to 300-500USD per meter. It is a relatively basic price section, if not very prescribed, which can be made at this cost.