Animatronic Dinosaur Maintenance and Extension of Service Life in Summer

At present, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and outdoor activities are gradually decreasing. Hot weather has a great impact on the lifespan of the animatronic dinosaur model. There is no shelter outside all year-round. How should we maintain and prolong the lifespan of the animatronic dinosaur model in daily use in summer?

outdoor dinosaur statue

  1. Keep dinosaur models connect with electricity every day

As the saying goes, electronic products are more likely to break when lie idle than keep working, and so are the animatronic dinosaur models. In summer, there are fewer people outdoors and fewer visitors to dinosaurs. It will be easier to break if we use it in that frequency.


In order to prolong the service life, we should keep it connect with electricity for a few minutes even there are now tourists.

It helps to avoid the rust of the motor and the mildew of the components and also allowing the bearings to run in, thereby prolonging the service life.

  1. Regular ventilation and dehumidification

In summer, the temperature is high, the rain is wet and humid, so it is easy to cause electronic components to get wet. Especially, some animatronic dinosaur models are placed in the natural park, they placed in the bushes for a long time, where humidity is very heavy.

At this time, more maintenance is needed. Regular ventilation and dehumidification of dinosaur models, especially the dinosaur electrical control box is necessary. Dampness will cause deadly damage to a large number of components.

animatronic dinosaur

  1. Repair of skin damage

When the animatronic dinosaur model is used, it is unavoidable that the skin will be damaged due to the influence of external forces. There is much rain in summer, in order to prevent water from flowing into the interior and damaging the motor.

It is necessary to carry out comprehensive maintenance to prolong the service life and repair the damaged epidermis in summer.

Here we suggest using the simplest repair method, using needles and thread to sew up the broken place, then using glass glue to smear a circle along the gap, so as to effectively waterproof.

animatronic dinosaur

  1. Attention to Wind Protection Measures

In some coastal areas, typhoons often occur in summer. It is not a small test for the animatronic dinosaur model. The material of the motor connection part is not strong and easy to be deformed by the wind, which will cause abnormal friction noise in use, and affect the service life for a long time.

At the end of every day, the motor must be reset to avoid wind shaking. It just like parking can not be in neutral gear.

Summary: The above are several methods to extend the service life of animatronic dinosaur models in summer. Not only that but also working at noon should be avoided in summer. Otherwise, high temperatures will easily lead to internal overheated and fire.