Hidden Leg Velociraptor Costume For Sale

We made a Velociraptor costume of Blue. Blue Velociraptor is a famous raptor appeared in the film Jurassic World.

The Blue Velociraptor

The Blue Velociraptor

A lot of people like Blue and some of them want props about it. Therefore, we made dinosaur animatronics of it to meet the demand of market. As so far, we have Blue Velociraptor costume, Blue Velociraptor puppet, Animatronic Blue statue, etc.

The Blue Velociraptor costume is the most popular one. There are two kind of Blue Velociraptor costume for choose.

One is visible legs Velociraptor costume while another one is hidden leg one.

velociraptor suit in the factory

velociraptor suit

Hidden legs Velociraptors costume has a big advantage–the legs of operators are hidden in costume which made it more realistic.

velociraptor suit

head of the velociraptor costume

Some of the owner of amusement park prefer the hidden leg Velociraptor suit.

velociraptor costume

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