Solutions to Common Faults of Animatronic Dinosaurs

  1. The animatronic dinosaurs did not respond to electricity.

Solution: Check whether the controller indicator is on. If the indicator is on and the arm is shaking in front of the induction probe, the machine is still not responding, it may be that the induction probe is damaged. At this time, it can be judged by interchanging the induction probe with the trouble-free machine. After confirming the fault, it can be repaired from the spare parts package. New induction probes will be replaced or mailed directly to the manufacturer.

animatronic dinosaur

  1. animatronic dinosaurs have movements, but not complete movements (e.g., mouth does not respond)

Solution: The machine has action, but only one action is invalid. At this time, the fuse corresponding to this action is predicted to be broken. You need to use a screwdriver to open the black controller and visually check whether there is a fuse burning on the circuit board (the fuse is a transparent case for automobile insurance, you can pass through the eyes). Check whether the wire is broken or not. If it is, replace the fuse with the corresponding color from the repair kit. But if the fuse is damaged after the replacement, contact the manufacturer immediately.

animatronic dinosaur

  1. When the mouth of the animatronic dinosaur opened, there was no roar.

Solution: When dinosaurs open their mouths, there is no sound in the speaker; if the external speaker is open, first observe whether the power indicator lights on the speaker are on, if it is on, it may be that the SD card inserted in the speaker is not in good contact or damaged; if the speaker indicator lights are not on, it may be that the external speaker is damaged, such as Conditions can be replaced. Otherwise, please contact the factory directly for mailing.

animatronic dinosaur

If it is a built-in speaker, it may be the speaker damage or internal failure of the controller, please contact the manufacturer directly.

  1. Emulate a dinosaur action to make a noise

Solution: For example, when the tail sways to one side, the motor parts emit sharp side ear noise, which may be caused by friction after deformation due to external forces. You need to contact the manufacturer to help you correct and restore the mechanical structure by the manufacturer’s technicians. If the tail sounds abnormally all the way, it may be that the motor reducer or bearing is stuck. At this time, it is necessary to replace the fault motor reducer or bearing. Please contact the manufacturer for mailing.

animatronic stegosaurus

  1. Dinosaur skin was damaged by sharp tools and cracks appeared.

Solution: The animatronic dinosaur skin is composed of silicone glue and silk cloth. If the skin is cut by sharp tools, it is easy to crack. At this time, you can use needle and thread to sew up the crack (try to make the suture neat), then take out transparent glass glue from the repair kit, and evenly coat the crack. The upper layer of glass glue can be easily repaired after it is dried.