The first stage: the initial stage

This period started from the late 1990s to 2005. This period is also the most chaotic period for China’s animatronic dinosaur industry. Various kinds of crudely made animatronic dinosaurs are on the market. Most of the simulated dinosaurs are immobile and can not be called fiberglass sculpture products. They are rigid and can not cause people the kind of immersive pressure and visual impact. The reason is mainly due to the domestic animatronic dinosaur manufacturing industry, which has not yet made a breakthrough in dinosaur production technology.

Due to the low production cost of the simulated dinosaurs at this time, the barriers to entry for simulated dinosaur rental companies are also low, and various types of dinosaur rental companies are mixed. The dinosaur companies that appeared during this period were mainly concentrated in the Sichuan area. Some dinosaur production and leasing companies with technological advantages completed the accumulation of original capital during this period.

Development Of Animatronic Dinosaur Industry

Development Of Animatronic Dinosaur Industry

The second stage: survival of the fittest

This phase started from 2006 to 2013. This period was the “Warring States Period” of the production and rental of dinosaurs in China. The reason is mainly a major breakthrough in the technology of making dinosaurs. Some advanced electronic technology and automation technology are applied in the production of animatronic dinosaurs. The application of these new technologies has made the previously rigid and indifferent dinosaurs “live”, greatly enhancing its on-site pressure and visual impact.

At the same time, due to the increase in the cost of production of simulated dinosaurs, some small companies that have no strength and cannot update the technology in time. , And a lot of profit, thus establishing their dominance in the animatronic dinosaur industry.

The simulated dinosaur rental companies represented by the Zigong area in Sichuan, Guangzhou area in Guangdong, Jinan area in Shandong, and Shanghai area are among the best.

The third stage: the standardization stage

This phase has been around since 2013. After several rounds of survival of the fittest, some dinosaur rental companies with bad reputations have already retired and readjusted their goods, and the full number of animatronic dinosaur rental companies have withdrawn from the market stage, and the market price of animatronic dinosaur rental has begun to return to normal. The simulated dinosaur rental industry has ended its era of huge profits. The market for artificial dinosaurs is no longer mixed, and established companies in four regions, namely Zigong, Sichuan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Jinan, Shandong, and Shanghai, have divided up the Chinese dinosaur rental market. The industry has also formed some default dinosaur rental lease specifications. This stage indicates that under the regulation of the market economy, the animatronic dinosaur industry has gradually entered the standardization stage.