Animatronic Animal

What’s Animatronic Animal?

Animatronic animals are robotic emulation animal statues. With electric devices inside, it can make motions, voice. Normally animatronic animals are handmade according real animals. And some time we also create it with scientific evidence of prehistoric animal, such as ice age Mammoth, Saber-toothed tiger etc.

We adopt high quality materials and keep been strictly to working processing. Therefore, all our animatronic animals are highly detailed and durable. Now our animatronic animal are widely exhibiting in museum, amusement park, theme exhibition …

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Animatronic Animal In Museum

Animatronic animals are widely used as exhibits in museum.

It especially suitable for taking some extinct animal back, which made them popular by prehistoric museum.

Compare real animal specimen, it is completely artificial, and we can make it dynamic.

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Application of Animatronic Animal

Animatronic Platybelodon For Amusement Park
Animatronic Saber-toothed Tiger For Prehistoric Museum
Animatronic Rhino For Shopping Mall Decoration
Animatronic Octopus For Aquarium
Animatronic Lion For Museum
Animatronic Dolphin For Education
Animatronic Camel For Theme Exhibition
Animatronic Elephant For Shopping Mall
  • Amusement Park

  • Science Museum

  • Aquarium Decoration

  • Prehistoric Museum

  • Shopping mall

  • Theme Exhibition

  • Education Purpose

  • Zoo Decoration

Business Plan

We know what you are care about. You want to know how can our animatronic animals help you make money. Animatronic animals are attractive for tourists, own a business related to it will bring you a lot of profit. But, do you have a business plan about it? Don’t worry, we are good at it. We will help you develop your business since you cooperate with us. There are some basic business idea for reference.

Jungle Animal Amusement Park

People are interested in visiting a place full of those wild animals in jungle.


Its not a high input project, find a small place and decorate it with animatronic jungle animals-elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, zebra

Marine Life Exhibition

Building an aquarium in inland area is expensive and difficult? Try animatronic marine animals.


You don’t need a pool or any animal keepers. Build your aquarium indoor and show people animatronic whale, dolphin, shark, turtle, octopus etc.

Prehistoric Animal Theme Park

People can not see those extinct prehistoric animal no longer. What a pity! But now, you bring them back.

People are hurry to see some prehistoric animals now. How about display some Ice age animal- woolly mammoth, saber-toothed tiger, sloth, possum…

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Animatronic Animal Production


draft of the animatronic elephant

We design the animatronic animal in the plate draft or 3D model.  Then build the animatronic animal according to the design. It will tell us what the final item looks like and help us build it.

Mechanical System of Animatronic Elephant

Mechanical System of Animatronic Elephant

The mechanical structure constitutes the skeleton and tendon of animatronic animal. This step is to build its steel frame and install electric and mechanical devices on the frame. Animatronic animal turns to be dynamic with the cooperation of mechanical and electric systems.

Animatronic Elephant After Shaping

Animatronic Elephant After Shaping

High strength sponge is the muscle of animatronic animal. This step is to stick sponges on the mechanical frame and sculpture them. The basic shape of animals will appear after carefully carved by workers.

Animatronic Elephant On Skin Grafting

Animatronic Elephant On Skin Grafting

Texturing skin will further increase skin details of animatronic animal. And we will stick silk on its surface for better durability and elasticity.

Animatronic Elephant After Painted

Animatronic Elephant After Painted

We will paint it or stick fur on the animal body according to animal species and design. We paint on the skin of animatronic animal which is hairless, elephant for example. But for their cousin– woolly mammoth, we will stick fur instead.

animatronic mammoth on fur sticking

animatronic mammoth on fur sticking

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