Animatronic Gorilla Costume For Stage Show

gorilla costume

Animatronic gorilla costume once was a movie prop which be applied to a lot of films. This movie prop is realistic but expensive, the price keeps a lot of stage show owners from it.

To solve this problem we decide to develop a new kind of animatronic gorilla costume. It should be realistic enough and affordable.

After a half year, we made what we sell now. It proves its an good product with high quality and lovely price.

gorilla costume

This gorilla suit use a cable pulled device control basic expression of the gorilla face. It can make expressions like—blinking eyes, opening mouth, (moving noose  is also optional) etc.

gorilla costume

It will make voices while opening the mouth and the fingers also moveable.

The suit is about 18kg-20kg in weight, an adult can easily operated it.

A hidden camera provide visual field for performers so he can see what happened outside.

gorilla costume

Until now, this realistic gorilla costume had exported to many countries. They are applied to stage shows, advertisement making, street performance, etc.

Nowadays, our animatronic gorilla costumes are on sale. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our gorilla costume.

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