What materials are needed to make a animatronic dinosaur?

At present, there are mainly two types of large-scale animatronic dinosaur models: dynamic dinosaur and static animatronic dinosaur. At present, the market mainly focuses on mechanical animatronic dinosaur. This kind of dinosaur can make movements like–head swing, tail swing, mouth open, and call according to the original ratio of one to one. The action of dinosaur is based on the real dinosaur model. Dinosaur’s motion is made vividly.

animatronic dinosaur

For the sake of the authenticity and interaction of dinosaurs, creating real environment and sound effects, electronic voice control technology is used to simulate the Dinosaur sound. In order to maximize the original recovery of the original dinosaurs, collecting popular science, interesting, ornamental and intellectual benefits we adopted advanced animatronic technology. Our products are windproof, rainproof, sunproof, no distortion, and no corrosion.

triceratops frame

The first step of making dinosaur animatronic is to use steel to make dinosaur’s mechanical frame, add machinery and transmission, and use high density sponge to make three-dimensional processing dinosaur muscle parts, then add fibers to the muscle to increase the strength of dinosaur skin, and evenly brush the dinosaur skin onto the dinosaur muscle after dilution with silica gel, and spray it again.


Finally, we need insert the control program, then a complete animatronic dinosaur is finished. Such dinosaurs can make motions of eyes, head, mouth, neck, claws, abdomen, legs, tail and other movements, coupled with appropriate sound, very vivid.

animatronic triceratops

Robotic dinosaurs is to use modern scientific and technological means to make realistic dinosaurs according to the computer restored pictures of dinosaur fossils. The restored simulated dinosaurs are very lifelike in appearance, shape, action and so on. They are lifelike in shape and vivid in action.

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