How long does it usually take to customize an animatronic dinosaur?

We are a company specializing in animatronic dinosaurs and animatronic animals. The founder of the company focused on animatronic production for 25 years.

animatronic dinosaur  We have a top technology animatronic production team. We manufacture various animatronic dinosaurs, animals, plants, fiberglass ornaments, and other related amusement equipment.

animatronic dinosaur

dinosaur statue

To meet the demand of the national market, the company produces animatronic products of different sizes, models, colors, dynamics or static. We make various realistic animals and plants, which are suitable for museums, science and technology museums, amusement parks, animatronic dinosaur theme parks, large shopping malls, city squares, holiday villages, and ecological parks, etc.

animatronic stegosaurus

We customize the animatronic dinosaurs only after we get the orders. Therefore there is no stock in the factory. For this reason, realistic dinosaur production needs a production cycle. The imitation dinosaur company usually gives a rough delivery time, usually 30 days, which may be advanced or delayed, etc. But, we will guarantee delivery time after we promise to clients.

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