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Animatronic Crocodile
Animatronic Crocodile
Animatronic Crocodile
Animatronic Crocodile

About Crocodile



Crocodile, alive prehistoric predator

Crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles widely habitat in tropics and subtropical areas. As the one of the most successful predators, crocodiles exist in the world for a very long period. It appeared almost the same time with dinosaur kind. But, as you know, dinosaur disappeared in about 65 million years ago, during the The Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event.

Details of Animatronic crocodile

Animatronic Crocodile

Realistic Crocodile replica

Animatronic Crocodile

Life-size Crocodile statue in the workshop

TypeAnimatronic Crocodile
Animal SpeciesCrocodile
Skin ColorGrey
PowerAC, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move
Limbs move

Realistic crocodile replica for water park

Crocodile has a special hunting method, hiding nearby river and attack the careless prey, drag them into the river. Therefore, realistic crocodile models are designed as a thrilling prop in the water park or another adventure park. An dynamic crocodile replica will suddenly appear and rush to tourists while they go across the specific area.

Remote control Animatronic crocodile

We also created remote control crocodile models which can walk around, fellow the remote control signal given by the operator. This animatronic prop is battery powered, without exposed electric wire. Therefore, it is very realistic. People can rarely recognize it is a dynamic crocodile model from a distance while it walking in the park.

Animatronic crocodile for museum

Animatronic crocodile exhibits in the science museum as an alternative of a real one. The dynamic crocodile replica we provide have motions of eyes, mouth, limbs, breath, etc.

Video of the crocodile replica

Another animatronic animal we made

To meet the huge demand of museums we also made animatronic animals like– animatronic panda, animatronic tiger, animatronic elephant, animatronic camel, animatronic polar bear, animatronic penguinanimatronic zebra, animatronic sheep, etc.