Spinosaurus is a giant dinosaur that lived in Africa in the late Cretaceous period. It is a spinosaurus in theropods. It is a very strange dinosaur. It can be obtained from the long spines on its back, round teeth, and long mouths. It can be seen that it is not a messy guy, and it is rare in large carnivorous dinosaurs. The Spinosaurus has the same level of attack and predation ability as the Tyrannosaurus. The spinosaurus has the same shape as the Tyrannosaurus. It weighs between 4-9 tons, a little heavier than Mr. Violence, but it has a longer forefoot than Tyrannosaurus. The length of its front feet helps it to kill other dinosaurs. It has a shark-like device on its back. Everyone has different opinions about this device. Some people say that it is its defense system, and some people say it is its cooling device. What function does this have, but it has made the spinosaurus unique in the dinosaur family. When I first made a animatronic spinosaurus, I was very happy. As soon as this spinosaurus was launched on the market, everyone immediately had a deep sense of it. interest of.

You don't know the animatronic spinosaurus

You don’t know the animatronic spinosaurus

In the exhibitions of animatronic dinosaurs that we often do, animatronic spinosaurus is also very popular. In March 2018, we also produced a colored animatronic spinosaurus, which is 6 meters long and 2.4 meters high. Its length ratio Fully refer to the fossil proportion of Spinosaurus.